Ur Way Egalite Launches at The Fitz Monday Night March 4th on Punto Banco! This exciting New Side Bet allows players the opportunity to bet on Tied Hands with Individual Egalites Paying Out at various levels. This adds extra enjoyment to the game with high pay outs and a greater range of bets now possible!

Come over to The Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club on Monday to try it out for yourself. We will have some Special Offers Available on Baccarat to celebrate the launch of our new game!

How to Play

‘UR WAY EGALITE’ is an additional optional wager for the game of Punto Banco. Players must place a standard wager on either the Player, the Banker or Egalite, in order to place a ‘UR WAY EGALITE’ side wager. Players can select to place one or more wagers on the individual tied hands (egalite) offered. The wager is that the two hands will be of an equal specific score, (i.e. an individual egalite). The wager will win if that specific individual egalite has been wagered on. All other Individual Egalite bets not associated with the winning Individual Egalite will be lost to the House. If the result of the coup is not an Egalite, all wagers on UR Way Egalite will be lost to the House.

Usual Odds Paid

Individual Egalites Odds payable
0 150 -1
1 215 – 1
2 225 – 1
3 200 – 1
4 120 – 1
5 110 – 1
6 45 – 1
7 45 – 1
8 80 -1
9 80 -1

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