At the Fitzwilliam Casino & Card Club we have a Fully Stocked Kitchen for our members food and drink needs. On the Casino Level we have a Snack orientated restaurant and the main food offerings for the 2 Levels of the club is prepared in the upstairs kitchen. Our food at the Fitz is best described as “Casual Dining” of a 4 star quality. We have a full range of options to choose from on our varied menu and offer members an option of Starters, Mains, Deserts and Nightly Specials. Seating is available beside the Casino Floor kitchen or at your table if you would prefer.

We also offer a range of Teas/Coffees as well as soft drinks and Non-Alcoholic Cocktails. We dont not serve alcoholic beverages at the Fitzwilliam due to legal stipulations in Ireland and in our own belief that alcohol should not be available on the gaming floors of clubs.

We should have something that is to your tastes as a food experience so try our kitchen the next time you are at the club. Prices are very reasonable and enjoy while you take a break from the action or wait for a friend. You wont be disappointed by our Head Chef Rodan’s culinary delights and amazing tastes!


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