The Fitzwilliam Card Club operates to a strict code of practice and corporate social responsibility. We are committed to responsible gambling within the community and maintaining high standards in our relationships with customers, employees, suppliers and the local community in addition to minimising our effect on the environment.


  • The promotion of responsible gambling in the Fitzwilliam Card Club is in the best interests of both our customers and our ongoing business.  We recognise that for a small number of people, gambling can become a problem. Therefore, we have a number of steps and procedures in place to offer an advanced level of protection to our customers and to identify and intervene in cases of problem gambling.
  • We operate a strict membership policy of over-18’s only with official identification (passport or drivers licence).
  • We operate a self-exclusion policy for those who are concerned about problem gambling.  Information and self-exclusion forms are readily available throughout the Club and on the Club website.
  • Our management and staff are trained to recognise and respond to incidents of problem gambling. We actively monitor of the frequency of customer visits, engage in proactive cautionary interviews with those who show signs of problem gambling, and we strictly enforce exclusion restrictions. Those wishing re-enter the Club after an exclusion period are also invited for an informal interview.
  • We operate careful controls on usage of credit cards – there is a maximum limit of €5000 per withdrawal and we only allow 1 withdrawal per credit card in any 24 hour period.
  • We restrict the placement and content of our advertising and marketing materials to age-appropriate venues and messages.
  • We do not sell or supply alcoholic beverages on our premises.
  • We securely store all data collected from members and ensure that information is used strictly in accordance with data protection legislation.
  • We do not cash social welfare or benefit cheques.
  • We have policies and procedures in place for compliance with Anti-Money Laundering regulations and the detection and prevention of crime.
  • We recognise the changing demographics of our nation and consequently that of our membership and are committed to a policy of inclusiveness, understanding, and acceptance of all, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, or disability. Accordingly we would like to remind all members of the Club that they are expected to treat their fellow members with due regard and respect at all times while on the premises.


  • We are committed to ensuring that all employees are treated with the respect, fairness and parity that is deserving of a culturally diverse environment such as ours and that all of our policies and procedures are implemented with consistency, fairness and professionalism at all times.
  • We are committed to helping our employees create a high-quality work-life balance. We will always take into account specific needs of each individual and work closely together to create a working pattern that is agreeable to both the employee and the department needs.
  • We ensure that throughout all departments and positions, employees realise the importance of their skill and knowledge base and are encouraged to share their experience and expertise with us.  In turn we pledge to devote the time and attention to developing each individual’s skill base.
  • We actively seek to ensure that all our employees are provided with a safe working environment at all times and that through training and communication are knowledgeable about our Health & Safety policies and procedures.


  • We are committed to recycling all suitable waste materials such as paper, plastic, packaging, oil, metals, communications equipment and minimising waste material destined for landfill.
  • We are implementing a programme of replacing all lighting with modern energy-efficient bulbs, installing thermostatic heating controls & energy efficient boilers & catering equipment.
  • We continuously monitor our compliance with all environmental standards and regulations.


  • We are committed to sourcing the highest quality products and services at a cost that represents the best value for our organisation, while at the same time ensuring the high ethical standards that are compatible with our social and environmental responsibilities.
  • We work hard to ensure sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with all our suppliers.  We aim to pay suppliers promptly and to their agreed terms of trade. We endeavour to be transparent in our dealings with suppliers and to give clear written instructions at all times.


  • It is important that our business is recognised as an integral part of the community that generates economic and social vibrancy in the locality. We conduct our business with honesty and integrity and work closely with local authorities and the Gardaí to protect the safety of our customers and the community.
  • We pride ourselves on good relationships with a number of charitable organisations and the Club plays host to many fundraising initiatives each year. Furthermore, we make an annual donation to aid the administration costs of the “Touch Foundation” charity which works with vulnerable children in Africa & Asia.


  • We aim to increase shareholder value through stable long-term growth and ensure the transparency of management through the timely and appropriate disclosure of business and financial information.
  • We are committed to honest, legal and ethical behaviour in all our business activities.


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