The Fitzwilliam is the home of high value poker cash action in Ireland and we have a great cash league final tournament running every two months, throughout 2018. You just need a Minimum of 40 Hours of cash game play to qualify for the Cash League finals in the preceding 2 months, and the dates for your diary fare above!

Cash League Final Qualifiers for April Cash League  – €34,814 Prize Pool

Position Name
1 Sean Waters
2 Derek Beattie
3 Alan Tang
4 Guang Richard Wang
5 Robert Hogan
6 Joseph Maher
7 Daniel Suen
8 Emmet Shine
9 Sam Kassan Eydan Ali
10 Tòmas Ò’Riain
11 Chuen Git Sean Wong
12 Youngseok Kim
13 Mariusz Windak
14 Alex Kulev
15 Michael Goss
16 Jacob Miller
17 Benjamin Nataraj
18 David Malone
19 Trim Nikollaj
20 Danny Chan
21 Georg Urich
22 Ricky Cosgrove
23 Gabriel Charles Kelly
24 Peter Decsi
25 Alexander Barnwell
26 Ovidiu Viorel Ciurdarean
27 Johnathan Mcguire
27 Xiao Long Chen
29 Alan Gibbons
30 Noel Griffin
31 Daniel Rondon
32 Ionel Andrei
33 Li Feng Kang
34 Gamben Alejandro Manzano
35 Noel Murphy
36 Jose David Robles Roda
37 Andrej Kocbek
38 Eoin O’Shea
39 Luis Henrique Schneider
40 Charlene Byrne
41 Anthony Higgins
42 Keith Brennan
43 Justinas Zemgulis
44 Trevor Crammond
45 James Sealy
46 Declan O’Kelly
46 Namir Mohamed
48 Nabin Thapa
49 Pablo Villena
50 James Patrick Walsh
51 Noel Mcmahon
52 Joseph Desmond Casserly
53 Trevor Byrne
54 Shota Matiashvili
55 Sammy Hui
56 Ken Ho
57 John Cullen
58 James O’Brien
59 Jyothi Kondaseema
60 Airidas Zeicas
61 Colette Doherty
62 Linda Byrne
63 Weng Huat Liew
64 David Peter Mccabe
65 Mario Galić
66 Prathamesh Shetye
67 John Howlett
68 Robert Zhiqiang Liu
69 Paul Dempsey
70 Aliakbar Aghaeikhozani
71 Kevin Michael Glackin
72 Finnian O Donoghue
73 Brian King
73 Paolo Di Adamo
75 Andrew Fitzgerald Black
76 Michael Cummins
77 John Byrne
78 Emmet Ring
79 David O’Kelly
79 Padraic Parkinson
81 Francis Eichler
82 Lucas Gomes
83 Andreas Walter
84 Fabrice Andre De L Epine
85 Sebastian Ionas
86 Jozsa Zsolt
87 Neeraj Chhantyal
88 Azary Witten
89 Thao Nguyen Hong
90 John Burke
91 Vilius Gaidziunas
92 Goran Salayee
93 Xinhua Yu
94 Bakhtar Mortesa
95 Stanislav J N Savinskiy
96 William Byrne
97 Ho Yin Tam
98 Nemanja Stopa
99 Chris Green
100 Obren Krajisnik
101 Yue Zhang
102 Kevin Corcoran
103 Veaceslav Coplimulti
104 Declan Ohara


Top 7 Bonus Payments for February/March Cash League €1,720

Position Number Name Amount
1 5134 Sean Waters €516
2 709 Derek Beattie €344
3 518 Alan Tang €172
4 3358 Guang Richard Wang €172
5 11806 Robert Hogan €172
6 5839 Joseph Maher €172
7 20552 Daniel Suen €172

Current Cash League Value 28/7/19 –  (June/July) €34,741

Estimated Prize Pool every 2 months of €35,000!

This tournament takes place once every two months. Entry is restricted to customers who have played 40 hours or more in our cash games in the preceding two months. Players are reminded to register using their barcode card at the poker kiosk scanner to qualify for Cash League hours.  Discrepancies will not be corrected retrospectively. It is also requested that players inform the poker desk at the end of their playing session.

For the Top 7 Cash Players Each Month by Hours we reward through a Cash Back System based on the total prize pool. This is detailed below and is separate to the cash league final night.


Top 7  Cash Back
1st place (most cash hours) – 1.5% of the prize pool
2nd place – 1.0% of the prize pool
3rd – 7th place – 0.5% of the prize pool.


Players receive 100 starting chips for each hour they have played. The prizepool increases daily. The current prizepool is available on the information screen at Reception.

Players can view their hours via the barcode scanner and touch screen at the Poker Desk.

The Following Conditions Apply to the Cash League Final:

  • The tournament will be No Limit Texas Hold’em.To qualify, you must have played a minimum of 40 hours in the two month period.
  • The league final starting stack is 100 in chips for every hour played, or part thereof.
  • Players should note there is an automated process upon signing into the club for recording each players hours of play.
  • It is the responsibility of each player to notify the poker desk when they are finished, as failure to do so will result in your hours not being recorded.
  • Management reserved the right to change the conditions of play before or during the event, and any updates will be reflected here on this website.

For further details chat to the Poker Desk.



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