The Fitzwilliam is the home of high value poker cash action in Ireland and we have a great cash league final tournament running every two months, throughout 2018. You just need a Minimum of 40 hours of cash game play to qualify for the Cash League finals in the preceding 2 months, and the dates for your diary fare above!


The Fitz is delighted to welcome aboard partypoker as exclusive sponsor of the 2018 Fitz Cash League. We are overjoyed at having one of the industry titans as our online poker partner and we look forward to continuing our ongoing relationship for many years to come. Here are a few of the exciting prizes being offered by partypoker for the 2018 Cash League.

Current Cash League Value 27/8/18 –  (August/September) €15,047

June/July Cash League Final Qualifying List – Final Saturday Aug 11th 6.30pm

Name Starting Chips
Alan Gibbons 6300
Alan Tang 26200
Alex Kulev 25000
Alexander Barnwell 4400
Aliakbar Aghaeikhozani 8700
Andrew Fitzgerald Black 13600
Andrew Grimason 8400
Andrew Joseph Holohan 21600
Ankit Ahuja 8100
Anthony Higgins 8200
Anthony Lawless 7100
Anthony Munro 7100
Bernard Power 8800
Brendan Oliver Lynch 4100
Brian Mcnamara 4200
Chao Sun 15300
Charlene Byrne 12500
Chris Dowling 8500
Chris Green 4900
Chuen Git Sean Wong 17800
Colette Doherty 13550
Colum Cormac Higgins 9200
Daniel Joseph Fitzpatrick 4200
Daniel Suen 26800
Danny Chan 11600
David Flanagan 7200
David Malone 10100
David O’Kelly 9200
David Paul Hall 15850
Declan O’Kelly 5400
Derek Beattie 5300
Emmet Shine 7200
Eoin Gleeson 4200
Eoin O’Shea 16400
Filipe Santana Da Silva 4700
Gabriel Charles Kelly 11000
Gediminas Bartkus 11900
Georg Urich 9700
Greg King 7900
Guang Richard Wang 15900
Ilan Fabian 13100
Ionel Andrei 24700
Jacob Miller 4200
James O’Brien 13300
James Sealy 8700
Jie Zheng 11300
Joe Ruddy 6800
John Creaney 5200
John Howlett 8000
Johnathan Mcguire 7150
Jon Trajan 6900
Joseph Casserly 7800
Joseph Dorrington 11500
Joseph Maher 13100
Julie Liu 4800
Keith Brennan 16600
Ken Ho-Rw 14900
Kendrick Lasalle Harris 6100
Kevin Michael Glackin 23000
Li Feng Kang 20200
Linda Byrne 8300
Luke Gary Walsh 9850
Mariusz Windak 7000
Matthew Thomas Arnott 7600
Michael Cummins 10450
Michael Farrelly 7800
Michael Goss 13900
Michael Hodgins 10600
Michael James Walsh 5100
Michał Gudaczewski 13900
Micheal Graydon 4100
Mou Yuan Zhi 5200
Muneer Owen 4700
Nabin Thapa 10850
Neil Oreilly 7800
Nguyen Xi 8800
Ni Zhengqing 15000
Nicolas Sevan Torossian 12000
Niu Louie Rui 4200
Noel Mcmahon 4600
Noel Murphy 5600
Oliver Mcardle 4500
Ovidiu Viorel Ciurdarean 5800
Pablo Vjllena Molina 7800
Paddy Doherty 14500
Pat I Vickers 4800
Peter Decsi 15800
Peter Roche 6100
Remus Matache 4200
Robert Hogan 5900
Robert Zhiqiang Liu 25100
Romel Noblezala 4400
Ronan Mccallig 6700
Sam Kassan Eydan Ali 5300
Seamus Cahill 20600
Sean Newcombe 5000
Sean Waters 7400
Shailesh Hallone 8750
Shawn Morales 5900
Shengjie Tao 4100
Stanislav J N Savinskiy 4800
Stephen Kavanagh 12200
Stephen Lyons 4500
Susanne Phillips 4500
Sushil Kothari 4900
Thao Nguyen Hong 6900
Thomas ( Chee) Liao 9600
Thomas Hanlon 12050
Thomas Harvey 4700
Tòmas Ò’Riain 22750
Tomas Saltonas 10000
Trim Nikollaj 19800
Val Mcmenemy 4400
Veaceslav Coplimulti 5300
Vicente Avila 7200
Vytautas Aganauskas 14700
Waseeq Rehman 8500
Weng Huat Liew 12500
Yuan Hai 12450
Zafer Konraq Balbous 5100
Zhensong Gu 9700

Estimated Prize Pool every 2 months of €35,000!

This tournament takes place once every two months. Entry is restricted to customers who have played 40 hours or more in our cash games in the preceding two months. Players are reminded to register using their barcode card at the poker kiosk scanner to qualify for Cash League hours.  Discrepancies will not be corrected retrospectively. It is also requested that players inform the poker desk at the end of their playing session.

For the top 7 cash players each month by hours we reward through a cash back system based on the total prize pool. This is detailed below and is separate to the cash league final night.


Top 7  Cash Back
1st place (most cash hours) – 1.5% of the prize pool
2nd place – 1.0% of the prize pool
3rd – 7th place – 0.5% of the prize pool.


Players receive 100 starting chips for each hour they have played. The prizepool increases daily. The current prizepool is available on the information screen at Reception.

Players can view their hours via the barcode scanner and touch screen at the Poker Desk.

The Following Conditions Apply to the Cash League Final:

  • The tournament will be No Limit Texas Hold’em.To qualify, you must have played a minimum of 40 hours in the two month period.
  • The league final starting stack is 100 in chips for every hour played, or part thereof.
  • Players should note there is an automated process upon signing into the club for recording each players hours of play.
  • It is the responsibility of each player to notify the poker desk when they are finished, as failure to do so will result in your hours not being recorded.
  • Management reserved the right to change the conditions of play before or during the event, and any updates will be reflected here on this website.

For further details chat to the Poker Desk.



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