The Boyaa World Poker Tour Comes to The Fitz – August 2017


Final Results from the BPT 2017 Main Event at the Fitz

Congrats to all of the winners and a big thank you to all 39 players who took part on the main event night. Over 20,000 euros and 7 * BPT Final Tickets in Macau were won over the two days. The winner of the Fitz BPT Poker Classic was Cosmin Deac. The BPT was a huge success at the club and we hope to have the Boyaa Team back for another BPT event in 2018.


Position Name Number Cash Ticket Game Credit
1 Jude McCarthy 939 4320 one  –
2 John Howlett 92708 4000 one  –
3 Paddy Doherty 84143 3300 one  –
4 Huafeng Yu 13969 2370 one  –
5 Joseph Elmonem 950 2610 one  –
6 Dominik Nikielski 128159 1200 one  –
7 Manal Bousnina 126239 900  – 7m
8 Jimmy Wan 1521 700  – 6m
9 Ken Ho 20576 600  – 5m
10 Ilona Porr 81426  –  – 45m
11 Lazaro Fernandez Lacaci 128184  –  – 30m
12 Remus Matache 70286  –  – 25m
13 Cosmin Deac 88146  –  – 20m
14 Ricky Cosgrove 721  –  – 12m
15 Robert Goda 128161  –  – 10m


The Fitzwilliam is delighted to be hosting the Europe Leg of the 2017 Boyaa Poker Tour extravaganza! August 25th & 26th is when the action takes place @ The Fitz.  Boyaa are China’s leading gaming company and develop online games for use all over the world! This unique event is one of a kind and allows players to qualify via Free Role Satellites for the Dublin Main Event and your chance to win 20,000 Euros cold hard cash! Also on offer are the highly coveted Maccau Main Event Tickets for the Invitation Only Half a Million Final in October 2017. Money cant buy these tickets! There is no opportunity to buy your want into these events as players must qualify through skill and hard work. The ethos is a Free Role Competition and this is one of the most attractive and unique events so get involved in at the Fitz in 2017!



When is the BPT Coming to the Fitz?

August 25th – The Boyaa Fitzwilliam Poker Classic

85 Euro Buy-In Tournament. 7 pm Start Time. Field Limited to 108 Players. Est 7,000 Euro Prize Pool + 1 * BPT Maccau Main Event Ticket & Travel Expenses to the Winner.

August 26th – The Boyaa Poker Tour Dublin Main Event

Field of 54 Online Qualifiers. 20,000 Euros Prize Money6 * BPT Maccau Main Event Tickets to be won. 6pm Start Time


What is so Unique about the BPT Dublin Main Event?

The BPT is a complete Free Role Event that you can only play in by Qualifying Online. There is No Buy-In and only players that play on the Boyaa Online Texas Holdem Game can participate in the Main Event Final for the 20,000 Prize Money and the Macau Main Event Final Tickets. This is the First Time the BPT has come to Europe and the first time Fitz Players can take part and play locally in the club at a World Poker Tour Event.



How Can You Play at the BPT Dublin?

For the Friday Boyaa Fitzwilliam Poker Classic you can register your place online using the Fitz Tournament Booking System. Book your Place at the Poker Desk/Cashdesk at the Club or Come Along on the Night if there are still unreserved places available.

For the Saturday Boyaa Poker Tour Main Event, Online Qualifying Tournaments will be running on Boyaa Poker from July 10th until August 16th. You can Download the App at the following locations:

Download on Facebook
Download at the Google Playstore
Download on ITunes


The Qualifying Process gives players 3 Options to Qualify:

  1. Play on Boyaa Game Tables with a high buy-in level and you receive points which can be changed into an invitation ticket. Starts July 12th.
  2. Main Event Tournaments. 1st and 2 place in Daily MTT Tournaments will get an invitation to the Dublin Main Event. There will be 3-5 small qualifying pre-tournaments per day & 1 Daily Main Event Tournament. Start July 15th.
    The Daily Pre Qualifying/Satellite Tournaments will be held at 3pm, 4pm, 7pm & 9pm. The Daily Main Event Tournament will be held at 8pm Every Day until August 18th.
  3. Buy in through Game Coins – Qualify by player rankings. The player who spends the biggest amount of money according to ranking will receive a Main Event Invitation. Start July 15th.


Qualifying Ends on August 18th. The best of luck to everyone in qualifying for the Dublin Main Event!


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