May 8, 2019

The 2019 Fitz Poker Masters – Sat June 15th. €375 Buy In. €50K Est Prize Pool!

The 2019 Fitzwilliam Poker Masters 

The Players Championship that Ever Member Wants to Win!

The 2018 Partypoker Fitz Poker Masters is back with a fresh new format for 2019. After 2 fantastic years of a multi day format, this year we are tweaking the format a little bit and having changing the event to a 1 Day Shootout! This is to make the event different to the November Festival and to give it a different flavour to other multi events in Ireland.

Some of the Details for 2019 are as follow:


  • Buy in to €375 (340+35 reg) to encourage greater range of participation and make the event geared more towards “The Players Championship” event


  •  Partypoker Live Dollars Accepted for the Main Event


  • €50,000 Estimated Prize Pool!


  • Change of start date to Saturday June 15th at 6pm


  • 5 Club Satellites Available to Win your Seat at the 1st Fitz Major of the Year!


Tournament Structure for the Poker Masters

Level Small Blind Large Blind Ante Duration Break Time
1 50 100 0 30 0
2 75 150 0 30 0
3 100 200 0 30 0
4 150 300 0 30 20
5 200 400 0 30 0
6 300 600 0 30 5
7 400 800 0 30 0
8 500 1000 0 30 0
9 600 1200 0 30 10
10 800 1600 0 30 0
11 1000 2000 0 30 0
12 1200 2400 0 30 10
13 1500 3000 0 30 0
14 2000 4000 0 30 0
15 2500 5000 0 30 10
16 3000 6000 0 30 0


30,000 starting stack, 3k early bird for the first level. Late registration available until the end of Level 8(9.35 pm approximately).

No antes as we use the button ante system, kicking in at Level 6. Button ante is equal to BB with 8-9 players, SB with 3-7.

6pm start time for Saturday. Doors open for registration at 5.30pm

1 * €375 Re-Entry Available Per Player available to end of Level 8 (9.35pm)

Late Entry with Full Stack available up to 9.35pm

 25 Minute Clock throughout


 Club Satellites for the partypoker Fitz Poker Masters

March 26, 2019

Exclusive Free Bet Punto Banco Progressive Jackpot at The Fitz Casino!

We have a New Game Launching on Punto Banco this Saturday Night – Punto Banco Free Progressive Bonus! This is a New Free Game that gives an extra reason to play Punto Banco @ The Fitz. The usual Punto Banco action takes place with the Progressive Button moving to each player. If you have the button and you get 8 BANKS in a row you will receive a €100 instant cash bonus! The Top Prize for consecutive banks is €4,000The Fitz is the only Punto Table in Ireland to offer this Progressive Cash Bonus so come down to the Fitz for the best location in Ireland for Punto Banco!
March 1, 2019

Ur Way Egalite Side Bets Now Available at The Fitz Casino on Punto Banco!

Ur Way Egalite Launches at The Fitz Monday Night March 4th on Punto Banco! This exciting New Side Bet allows players the opportunity to bet on Tied Hands with Individual Egalites Paying Out at various levels. This adds extra enjoyment to the game with high pay outs and a greater range of bets now possible!

Come over to The Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club on Monday to try it out for yourself. We will have some Special Offers Available on Baccarat to celebrate the launch of our new game!

How to Play

‘UR WAY EGALITE’ is an additional optional wager for the game of Punto Banco. Players must place a standard wager on either the Player, the Banker or Egalite, in order to place a ‘UR WAY EGALITE’ side wager. Players can select to place one or more wagers on the individual tied hands (egalite) offered. The wager is that the two hands will be of an equal specific score, (i.e. an individual egalite). The wager will win if that specific individual egalite has been wagered on. All other Individual Egalite bets not associated with the winning Individual Egalite will be lost to the House. If the result of the coup is not an Egalite, all wagers on UR Way Egalite will be lost to the House.

Usual Odds Paid

Individual Egalites Odds payable
0 150 -1
1 215 – 1
2 225 – 1
3 200 – 1
4 120 – 1
5 110 – 1
6 45 – 1
7 45 – 1
8 80 -1
9 80 -1

January 15, 2019

5 is one of the numbers of the €10,000 Code! Another number will be released June 1st!

CRACK THE FITZ SAFE by entering their 4 Digit Number into the Safe! The Numbers Board is marked with all of the wrong answers so every day the chances of picking the correct number will improve! Come along to the club, it could be your luck night!

We can now reveal that one of the four numbers of the code is the NUMBER 5. We will be releasing another number on June 1st if the code has not been cracked by then!

January 15, 2019

Join us for Spin to Win Sundays – You Could Be Spinning the Cash Wheel!

We have a new promotion that will be happening Every Sunday Night at The Fitz! Spin to Win gives Every Gaming Player in the club the opportunity to be entered into the draw and if your name is one of the lucky ones to be picked you get a chance to Spin the Cash at The Fitz and take home whatever amount the wheel stops at. It couldn’t be easier. The Top Prize is €1,000 with only one zero category. Cash amounts will be either €50, €500 or €1,000! Happy Spinning and Good Luck to All!!


August 31, 2018

Progresssive Jackpots Now Available at The Fitzwilliam Casino & Card Club!

Progressive Jackpots are Coming to the Fitzwilliam Casino Very Soon! Before long you will be able to Win a Huge Jackpot Brag Poker or Blackjack for placing just a €1 Side Bet! How sweet would that be winning thousands of euro for just a €1 bet. The first of its kind in Ireland. Come along and try it out for yourself. It could be you taking home the first tranche of Cash!


June 21, 2018

Fitz August Satellites for the €1,000,000 Partypoker Killarney Poker Masters

As part of the Fitzwilliam Casino’s ongoing partnership with partypoker the Fitz will be hosting Two Main Event Satellites for the partypoker Killarney Poker Masters on Sunday August 19th & 26th at 8pm. There may be a Third Satellite on Sunday September 2nd subject to demand as well. €50 Buyin with 1 Rebuy or Top Up available. €100 Max Spend. 1 * €1,150 Killarney Main Event Ticket for every €1,150 generated!
This years Main Event in Killarney is going to be a huge event on the 2018 Irish Poker Calendar so make a note of the dates! September 5th – 9th at the INEC in Killarney! We will see you guys there!


May 22, 2018

€250 Cash Game Every Night 8pm at The Fitz! €2/5 Blinds!

We have a Cash Game Every Night at 8pm at the Fitz! €2/5 No Limit Texas Holdem with a €250 Buy-in. Should make for some exciting cash action! Phone the Poker Desk on 01 6114677 to reserve your place or register from 6.30pm at the Fitz!


February 28, 2018

Update – Fitzwilliam Casino Open Sunday March 4th. Doors open 6pm

Update  Sunday

We’re open for business as usual tonight with the snow thawing out. Doors open 6pm as normal. FCC Management


Due to the continued bad weather around Dublin and the safety risks of traveling the Fitzwilliam Casino will remain closed today Saturday March 3rd. The situation will be reviewed Sunday morning with a view to re-opening as soon as the weather conditions improve and it is safe for customers and staff to travel freely.

Management – Fitzwilliam Casino & Card Club


Due to the adverse weather conditions currently being experienced in the Dublin area the Casino will be closed on both Wednesday February 28th & Thursday March 1st. We will be reviewing the situation on Friday with a view to re-opening Friday night if the weather situation improves as per the forecast.

We apologise to our members for any inconvenience caused. As always the safety of staff and members comes first when dangerous weather conditions are encountered. Further updates will be made on Social Media to keep members updated on the situation.

Management – The Fitzwilliam Casino & Card Club


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