Progressive Jackpots are now available at the Fitzwilliam Casino! We are the Only Casino in Ireland to offer Casino Progressive Jackpots. You will be now be able to Win a Huge Jackpot on Punto Banco (Bacarrat), Brag Poker or Blackjack.  On Brag Poker and Blackjack the bet is €1 and on Punto Banco the bet is €2. By placing a bet of just €1 you could win the big jackpot amount in cash!
The jackpot grows every time a bet is placed and the winning hand combination could come up at any time! The Starting Jackpot amounts from the casino is €2,000 for Brag & Blackjack and €3,000 for Punto Banco to get the action started!


Progressive Winning Hands

Punto Banco

4 * 8’s in INITIAL DEAL                                      Top Jackpot                           Shared Equally

4 * 8’s including DRAW CARDS                         Middle Jackpot                     Shared Equally

3*8’s same suit including DRAW CARDS         Bottom Jackpot                    Shared Equally

3*8’s any suit including DRAW CARDS            €40                                          Individual Player

2 * 8’s any suit including DRAW CARDS           €8                                           Individual Player


Split Aces (AK & AK any suit) = Top Jackpot

Split Aces (21 & 21) = Middle Jackpot

Split Aces (21 & X) = €50 Fixed Payout

AA €25 = Fixed Payout

Any Pair = €5 Fixed Payout


Straight Flush AKQ Hearts = Top Jackpot

Straight Flush AKQ Other Suit = Middle Jackpot

Any Straight Flush = €100 Fixed Payout

How much are the Progressive Player Wagers?

Punto Banco                        €2

Blackjack                              €1

Brag                                       €1

What Table Games are the jackpots available on?

Brag Poker, Blackjack & Punto Banco.

How much of the jackpot money collected goes back to players? 

An average 85% of the prize pools generated goes to the players via the jackpot payouts.

What happens if the wrong amount bet is placed on the sensor?

The system only reads the bet as €1 or €2. Any bet placed higher than this will only register as €1.

How much does each jackpot start at?

Blackjack and Brag are both seeded with €2,000. Punto Banco is seeded with €3,000. Punto and Brag are standalone jackpots. The two Blackjack tables are linked together (i.e. there are not two separate jackpots on B1 & B2).

Are the progressive betting chips kept separate to the standard player bets?

Yes the progressive jackpot is a side bet based on either 1 euro or 2 euros. This is separate to the main bet on the regular game. A player must be playing in the regular game to place the progressive side bet as well.


If you have any questions regarding the Progressive Jackpots at the Fitz please speak with the Gaming Manager, Call us on 01 6114677 or email


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